Riley Freeman

Riley Freeman is among the 2 main lead characters (along with Huey Freeman) of the Adult Swim animated TV series The Boondocks, which premiered in 2005.

He is the younger brother of Huey Freeman as well as the youngest grandson of Robert Freeman. He’s an eight-year-old who lives the gangster lifestyle. He and many others call him “Riley Escobar,” “Young Reezy,” & “The Fundraiser.”

“If you want to be in this business, you have to pay the costs for businesses, and once the cost becomes too high, you get out.”

—Freeman, Riley

Riley Freeman: Appearance

Riley is most notable for having lengthy cornrows braided towards the back of his head. He has brown eyes, wears a white tank top, blue pants, as well as yellow Timberland shoes, & occasionally wears a white shirt with a maroon long sleeve shirt under it, as he did in some episodes during season one. In the face, he totally looks like Huey Freeman, as do the brothers. He wears a different outfit in the season 3 episode The Fundraiser.

Riley Freeman: Personality

Riley is a 3rd grade student who is easily influenced. He adopts the cliched “gangsta” lifestyle, doing his best to encourage urban culture in Woodcrest, a conflicting suburb. Inspired by rap music & television, he constantly uses poor grammar and defends his idols also when their imitations contradict common sense & rightness.

Riley appears to have some criminal acumen, as evidenced by his involvement in the planning of Oprah Winfrey’s abduction and his critiques of Ed Wuncler III & Gin Rummy for their complete absence of criminal know-how in “Let’s Nab Oprah.”

Riley is just as bright as his brother. He is quite bold and can often get himself into scenarios without thinking first, making him a problem child. Riley is also defiant and refuses to listen to anyone, particularly Huey and Grandad. He is completely honest, almost to the point of being unkind.

Riley vastly overestimates himself. Having faith in himself to be a spectacular basketball player despite having no such skill. The same thing happened in kickball.Riley’s obsession with the “thug” lifestyle has turned him into a misogynist.

Riley Freeman
Class of Riley Freeman

Riley, unlike some other characters on the show, is known for using the N-word on almost everybody, irrespective of race. Two  Instances are his battle with Butch Magnus & his interview with Werner Herzog.


Riley exaggerates his own fighting abilities, as evidenced by his attempt to fight his brother in “Let’s Nab Oprah.” His violent combating style, both with arms and ammunition & hand-to-hand, has repeatedly failed against Huey’s martial arts skill. He appears to be skilled with airsoft guns, as he battled Huey to a tie in season 2. He demonstrates a high level of stamina and perseverance when he is repeatedly attacked by his enemies but is able to keep fighting, totally disregarding his injuries to a certain extent.

Riley Freeman
Class of Riley Freeman

Overall, even though his enemies are far more experienced than him (whether in size or martial arts), his fighting abilities appear to have enhanced since his battle with Lamilton Taeshawn. In Season 4, he demonstrated his acrobatic abilities by backflipping in the air (with incredible precision) to turn off one of the lights. It is currently unclear whether his acrobatic abilities are the result of one of his hide-and-seek manoeuvres or if he trained martial arts from Huey.

Riley is the least skilled fighter among the 3 members of the Freeman Family.

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