Jake The Dog

Introduction: Jake The Dog

Jake, the full title is Jake the Dog, who is the deuteragonist of the Adventure times. He is basically a dog shapeshifter hybrid and referred to by others as a “magical dog,” and he is also Finn’s constant companion, best friend, and an adoptive brother. Jake has also an exquisite set of power that is called as Stretchy powers that allow him to manipulate the shape and size of his own body, like coming in handy on innumerable occasions throughout his and the Finn’s adventures. He was 28 years old at his debut in the “magical dog years,” and get ages throughout the whole series, though he rarely acts mature.

Jake The Dog
Adventures of Jake The Dog

It is said that magical dogs have a lifespan like human being, as identified by an aged Jake in “Dungeon train.” Then again later, how exactly the magical dog years correlate to the human being years remains to be seen, although both the Finn and Jake were shown to be like babies around the same time, showing that they age slightly bit faster, however, his age as of “Joshua and Margaret investigation” suggested that it slows down to the rate of human being’s aging at some point. Jake is recently in a relationship with Lady Rainicorn, and, by that ‘Jake the dad’, they are the parents of five puppies.

Jake The Dog: Background

Famous Jake the dog was conceived when his parent Margaret and Joshua were on investigation tracking down shape shifting creature in the nearby forest Tree trunks house. During their investigation they were attacked by the creature, and it bit on the Joshua’s head. Later Jake was born from the pustule that was formed from the bite on the Joshua’s head and was taken in by the Margaret and Joshua to leave alongside their natural born son Jermaine. It is also said that Jakes stretchy power that he had since he was a puppy are result of his biological relationship with shifting creator, Although Jake by himself never learn about this until the creator returned in Jake the star child.

Jake The Dog
Legend of Jake The Dog

Sometime around the Margaret and Joshua death, Jack moved into the tree Fort with his friend Finn, while Jermaine stayed at their parent’s house only. There was a time when Jake was known to be a successful criminal until he got retired to take part in some more respectable life as an adventurer with a Finn, and later on Jack settling down with lady Rainicorn to become a father.


Jake the dog can turn into all sort of fantastic shape and sizes with his power and abilities, but typically takes the form of an average sized orange-yellow bulldog. As seen in Donny, he wears a transparent pants which is made of spider webs spun by Pixies.

In the series ‘what was missing’ he wears the pair of the pants that Marceline was wore in the ‘it came from the nightosphere’. In the animated short, Jake looked very similar to how he just now, but his eyes stayed the similar throughout the episode and his hand had no finger except for when he was meditating.

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