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Formal Aesthetic: Introduction

Formal Aesthetic is universal and fluid. Different styles suit different people and according to culture and comfort, people clothe themselves accordingly. Apart from this, situations also enable people to dress appropriately and this is because, when you don’t adhere to the dress code for certain occasions, things can become very embarrassing and people may even think that you are rude for not dressing according to the occasion. This is why we must always dress with respect to situations or the environment of the place.

Formal clothing is meant for places like offices or even formal events. Although there is little difference between what formal attire is good for a party and what formal attire is good for the workplace, there are still ways to wear them differently. When we think about the workplace, usually full sleeve shirts and trousers for men come to mind, and in many places, polo shirts are also permissible. Women’s clothing usually consists of pencil skirts and full shirts, but in India, lots of women also wear sarees and salwars as formal attire, both for work and parties.

Formal Aesthetic

Formal Aesthetics usually refers to black tie events and workplace scenarios. Some places require very strict dress codes, some places may also be pretty lenient. It’s not just workplaces though, many clubs and other such places may also expect you to adopt certain formalities.

Here is a list of some formal aesthetics:

  • When we talk about formal aesthetics, the one place that comes immediately to our minds is a workplace. If you are someone who works from an office, then you must have noticed people having certain similarities including with respect to dress code. While in formal settings, men usually wear long sleeve shirts and trousers, women also wear long sleeve shirts with either trousers or pencil skirts. Apart from this, in India, men also wear kurta and pajamas while women often wear sarees and salwars. For the workplace, neutral colours are always the best, but sometimes warm and cool tones work well too.
  • A formal vibe is not just present at the workplace, but also at many events. If you compare a night out at the club to an office party, you will notice that there is a vast difference between the two. While office parties often do have fun activities like games, trivia and more, they still retain that office-like feeling. You cannot have as much fun in an office party as you will be able to in a party which you are attending with your friends or family, but office parties are enjoyable in their own way as you get to unwind around your colleagues and get to discuss lightweight matters with them.
  • A lot of times, even weddings and unofficial parties become formal. Do you want to know how? Well, we have already established that wedding parties are different than office parties. However, when anytime you end up getting invited to a supposedly informal party by an important client or an office colleague, it then ends up being sort of a formal event.

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