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Meaning of Femboy Outfit:

A femboy is a slang word that originated in the 1990s and was used for cisgender men who showed conventionally feminine body language and often, choices of fashion. This word emerged as a derogatory term and was used towards men who had feminine traits, but in current times, it has been turned into more of an endearing term. The LGBTQ community uses this term as a form of endearment, and is also used by feminine men, especially young men, to express themselves more openly and to be comfortable with their gender identity (Femboy Outfit).

The word “Femboy” pretty much has the exact opposite meaning of “Tomboy”. While “tomboy” refers to a woman with a more masculine physicality, “femboy” refers to a man who has more of a feminine physicality.

Femboy Fashion is Current Times: Outfit

The word “femboy” emerged as an insult, in modern times it is mainly used as an endearment and also, as a way of gender expression. While the world is still too far back to globally accept and acknowledge the LGBTQ community, men are now gaining the confidence to wear what they want, including dresses, heels, long nails and makeup, without caring about judgement.

Femboy Aesthetic: Femboy Outfit

The Femboy aesthetic primarily functions around men opting for conventionally feminine fashion elements, like dresses, skirts, shorts, makeup and also jewellery. Along with that, a variety of colours and designs are also being worn by men these days, instead of just dark, solid colours.

The current femboy aesthetic reminds just a lot of fashion during the 1970s because then also, an eclectic and flamboyant style of fashion existed among men irrespective of their gender identity.

Femboy Ideas:

Here is a list of some great femboy fashion ideas, which will help you style your next outfit perfectly and will also help you bring out some new fashion ideas.

  • For an easy daytime outfit, opt for a loose-fitting short sleeved shirt and some shorts. Pair it up with some accessories, like a chinky belt, some long chains and platform boots or sneakers to complete your outfit.
  • If you like wearing dresses, this white mini wrap dress is a great option for summers. It is breezy and comfortable, and the prints on a dress like this give great structure to your outfit. Wear it with some delicate chains, a bracelet and some heels for the complete look.
  • Black outfits are great for any season, and any time of the day. If you want to style up the perfect black outfit for you, consider going for a black pleated miniskirt with a black graphic t-shirt. Accessorising your outfit with a corset style belt, a hat and some minimalistic jewellery will create the perfectly completed outfit.
  • Femboy fashion is as much about wearing ethnic clothes as it is about wearing skirts and dresses. Fashion is all about embracing and expressing yourself, and your ethnicity is very much a part of it.
  • If you want to add colours to your outfit, absolutely go for it. Wearing brightly coloured outfits isn’t just for women and femboys, rather it is for everyone. So if you are bored of solid colours like black, brown and dark blue, combining them with colours like pink or orange is a great way to add class and colour to your outfit (Femboy Outfit).
  • If you want to opt for a more sheer outfit, this gorgeous mesh shirt with beautiful floral designs is a great choice for make. Wear it as a shirt with a black miniskirt or some black trousers for a simple yet stunning outfit
Femboy Outfit
Class of an femboy Outfit

Fashion is a great way to break gender stereotypes. While at one point women were only allowed to wear skirts or dresses, now they are wearing what they like, dresses, sarees, salwars, swimsuits, everything. Even though women’s fashion has evolved a lot throughout generations, men unfortunately are still under the shackles of gender stereotypes. A lot of times when men experiment with fashion, abusive words are hurled at him, which is unacceptable. It is important that everyone feels comfortable in what they are wearing, because fashion is one of the most impo ways to express ourselves.

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