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Kill Switch is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Otoh Saki and Tomomi Nakamura.  From 2002 to October 2008, it was serialised in Square Enix’s GFantasy.  Square Enix collected and published the individual chapters in 13 tankbon volumes, with the first volume released on June 21, 2002, and the final volume released on December 27, 2008. The manga follows the exploits of two Japanese undercover drug cops, Eto Kai and Kurabayashi Hal.


Kurabayashi Hal and Eto Kai, two new Narcotics Control Department investigators in Japan, face off against drug dealers, gangs, murderers, psychopaths, and mysterious organisations, including the notorious Ryuugen drug ring. But Kai, the gentle and caring member of the group, has his own issues: under certain conditions, he can transform into a cold-blooded killing machine. However, as the NCD works to bring Ryuugen down, answers began to emerge, threatening to reveal the truth behind Kai’s alter ego and who the young criminal investigator is.

Kill Switch Manga
Class of Kill Switch Manga

Jeongwon, who is afraid of four-wheeled vehicles due to a car accident, happened to catch a ride on Kim Jisoo’s bike during the new semester. She falls in love with Jisoo at first sight and discovers an unknown sense of freedom. One of Jeongwon’s close friends, Hwayeon, is aware of Jeongwon’s feelings and panics. The more she tries to keep them apart, the more Jeongwon wants to be near Jisoo… Jisoo, on the other hand, avoids Jeongwon, and Hwayeon, due to her unpredictable demeanour, interferes with Jeongwon’s developing feelings.

Main characters:

  • Kai Et ( Et Kai?) is a new narcotics investigator for the Kanto region. When confronted with anything that causes him pain or extreme emotional hurt, Kai may transform into a violent alter ego who has no problem harming others, despite the fact that Kai is gentle and reluctant to do anything dangerous or hurtful to others. Sawaki murdered Kai’s parents when he was seven years old. Kai’s violent persona awoke to protect him, and it was Hal’s father’s hypnotic signal that caused his violent persona to sink, bringing with it memories of the murder scene and Switch (the mythical drug).
  • Hal Kurabayashi is a new investigator who collaborates with Kai Et. Most of the Kant region’s Drug Enforcement Division refers to him as the “brilliant new investigator.” He was almost always absorbed in his work. He also frequently employs his charm and good looks to gather information. Despite his stoicism and apparent lack of concern, he is fiercely protective of Kai.
  • Sawaki’s personal assistant/subordinate, Akaha. He is also Ryuugen’s Right Arm (the gang’s number two leader). When he is away from Ryuugen, Sawaki protects him by giving orders as the Right Arm and confusing the NCD to buy time for Akaha to complete his mission. [5] Sawaki killed Akaha’s parents when he was a child. But Sawaki protected Akaha. In Volume 13, Akaha died in an attempt to protect Sawaki.
  • Akimune Narita is a Meguro Department detective. He was known to be a rival for the NCD, constantly competing to see who could “catch the bad guy” first. Though Kajiyama of the NCD takes it seriously, Narita is more relaxed.

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