Candle Aesthetic:

Candle Aesthetic:

Before the discovery of electrical energy or electricity and the subsequent invention of the light bulb, people used to light up their homes using candles. Although candles do not give off as much of a powerful illumination as that of an electric light bulb or a soft, warm glow from the candle was still reassuring in the depths of darkness that covered everywhere once the sun set. Although today, most of us cannot even imagine living without a stable electric connection, there are many places on earth, including in our country India where electricity still has not reached to this day. For them also, the soft glow of a candle is what sets their hearts to rest. Candles and candlelight these days are also used for aromatherapy as well as various aesthetic purposes. In the case of movies and TV shows, they are often used as props for different scenes. In such cases, candles are mostly used to depict romantic scenes and stuff.

Candle Aesthetic:

Candle Aesthetic

What is the first thing that you do in the cast of a power cut, something that is also known as load shedding? You obviously look for some source of light, right? Usually we go for torches or emergency lights, but they only last for so long. When a candle is lit during those conditions, a sense of reassurance prevails.

If you like candles, here are some candle aesthetics:

  • Since we were talking about candles during power cuts or lead shedding, let us continue a little bit further about this. Although load shedding is incredibly annoying and brings a ton of inconvenience, there are also some sweet childhood memories attached to it. The most prominent of them all is children shouting in joy when they realise they won’t have to study as there is no light. This is something a lot of us did, especially those of us living in load shedding prone areas. Another thing that was enabled by long hours of power cuts was people in the neighborhood coming out of their homes and talking to each other until the power was back on again.
  • We all know that candle light is a quintessential part for romantic dinners. The phrase “candle light dinner” usually refers to a couple in either a romantic relationship or in a marriage celebrating something special. When that happens, they usually go to a restaurant that they have positively reserved earlier and enjoy their meal and some good company with each other in a romantic atmosphere. All the Valentine’s day has passed, you can still surprise your partner with a cute date that involves a delicious candle light dinner.
  • Candles are something that is lit during festivals as well. Diwali is a very popular festival in India and it is regarded as the festival of lights. During Diwali, almost all of India is lit with diyas, fairy lights and in many cultures, candles are also used. This is how candles are used for decoration purposes for festivals as well.
  • Scented candles have become quite popular among people these days. These scented candles are now widely available online and they come in a huge variety of fragrances. These candles are used for aromatherapy or just plain relaxation purposes. If you want to buy these candles make sure to get ones which are made of soya wax.
candle aesthetic

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